Student Coaching: High School and College

Student coaching is designed to help students with ADD learn how to get organized, manage time and be more accountable for school work. Coaching occurs through a partnership between the coach and student. The coach provides support and guides the student to learn about their strengths and challenges. Together they develop short and long term goals and specific actions steps.

Coaching High School Students:

There are variations in the coaching of students depending on the needs and age of the student. Coaching with high school students requires some parental involvement. As the student moves through junior and senior years of high school, parent involvement becomes more limited as the student learns how to self-manage. Family meetings are held during the initial phase of coaching when parent input is essential, and then as requested by the coach or family member. Typically family meetings include discussions about student progress, IEP/504 discussions, and plans for life after high school.

Below is a list of services and programs provided for high school students:

Plan for Success Series – 6 week skills training program for students establishes the foundation for the coaching process and includes parental involvement.

One to One Coaching:

  • Initial Consultation with parents and student-specific goals are set for the student
  • Organization: keeping track of assignments & getting work completed on time
  • Time Management: dealing with procrastination, learn to manage your time through use of a variety of tools including an assignment planner, checklists, and tech tools.
  • Identify your learning style
  • Guided self exploration: what are your strengths, interests and innate abilities
  • Understand your specific challenges to learning
  • Examine the obstacles that continue to get in the way and learn strategies to move through those roadblocks.
  • Managing long term projects
  • Stress management
  • Life skills training
  • Self Advocacy: asking for what you need to get help
  • Success Principles for Teens
  • Vocational and Interest Assessments
  • Transitional planning from high school to work, college, technical school or other
  • Selecting a college for students with ADD/LD. What students need to know to create success at college

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Coaching College & Graduate Students:

For college and graduate students, coaching is often done by phone and e-mail. In the beginning of the process, the coach communicates with parents regarding coaching goals, appointment dates and payment for coaching services. Most of the coaching is with the student.

Examples of services typically provided to college and graduate students:

  • Organize your schedule for the semester using class syllabi and calendars.
  • Weekly routines and scheduling time to do homework
  • Know your strengths, weaknesses and learning style
  • Become familiar with the supports offered by the college and using the supports needed
  • Accountability for your academic responsibilities
  • Time management strategies
  • Managing long term assignments
  • Achieving balance in your life by maintaining a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, exercising and social time.
  • Selecting a major
  • Working through a dissertation
  • Vocational Counseling and Career Planning.

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