What is Coaching?

  • A professional partnership between a coach and an individual or group that supports the achievement of results.
  • The focus is on learning through actions and self-discovery.
  • It empowers people to realize their potential and take action to learn new skills and create lasting change.
  • The coach provides support and guidance to effectively facilitate change.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leader in developing a definition of coaching, as well as establishing a set of ethical and core competency standards that it’s members pledge to uphold. The ICF certifies coaches in general coaching skills. Click here to learn more about ICF. The ICF certifies coaches in general coaching skills.

Types of Coaching:

The types of coaching offered by Coach Victoria are: 1) Career & Professional Coaching, 2) ADD Coaching and 3) Personal Coaching

How Does It Work?

The first phase of coaching involves the following steps:

  • Define and clarify client outcomes-what the client wants to accomplish in coaching.
  • Co-creation of well defined goals and actions.
  • Design the coaching relationship that meets the needs of the client.
  • Discovery Phase: the coach will ask you questions about your values, personal beliefs, disappointments, and challenges to overcome.

In addition to the above, the coach defines what role the coach will play, and discusses what to expect in the coaching relationship. Coaching is frequently done by phone, but can also be accomplished in person. E-mail communications are a regular part of the coaching relationship. Together the client and coach decide how to begin the process, and after the initial phase of coaching, the relationship is client driven. The coach works alone with the client, or as part of a team working with family members, the school, and employer, therapist, learning consultant or physician.

How Much Time Is Involved In Coaching?

How much time spent in coaching depends on a few factors. The first is what the client wants to accomplish in coaching. Coaching can be designed in the following ways:

1) a single session consultation
2) project specific
3) a short period of time (3-5 months)
4) for the duration of the school year
5) extended sessions over the years

In the beginning of the process, the coach and client decide how often and what type of coaching is needed. The average is one coaching session per week. The details of the coaching arrangement vary according to the type of coaching requested.

The second factor related to time and cost. With 1:1 coaching the coach and client decide how often they will meet in the month. Sessions are scheduled by the month. Rates vary according to type of service (individual/group) and frequency of visits.

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