If you frequently feel overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks that need to be accomplished, have difficulty with organization, time management, and staying focused on conversations, these and other issues can pose problems with relationships, in social situations and on the job. As your coach I will provide you with resources related to living with ADD, and will offer you support, structure and encouragement during each step in the process. We will work in partnership to co-create goals, and from these goals a plan is developed to help you reach your desired goals.

You will learn how to manage time by using a variety of structures (calendars, checklists, phone and tech tools) compatible with your specific needs. Through ongoing learning and practice, you will gain more control of your time and will begin to feel less overwhelmed.

One to One Coaching in person or by phone, working on your most important goals. Below is a list of some of the topics addressed in coaching:

  • Learn about ADD and how it has impacted your life.
  • How to successfully manage ADD.
  • Create an organized home or work environment.
  • Start building regular routines and structure in your week.
  • Find a career that works for you (Click here for details of the process).
  • Identify strengths, talents, skills and interests.
  • Make time to do more of what you enjoy.
  • Stress management techniques to help tame your mind and reduce daily stress.

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Workplace Coaching

Typical clients I work with have been diagnosed with ADD and/or learning disabilities. Below is a sample list of what is addressed in workplace coaching:

  • Initial coaching to discuss needs and goals for coaching.
  • ADD Workplace Assessment (Nadeau, 1997).
  • How ADD affects job performance.
  • Identify a list of strategies to help you begin to take charge of your work environment. Examples include ways to deal with distractions, the need for movement and stimulation and memory strategies.
  • Identify your strengths, talents and skills.
  • Recommended strategies to improve personal and job performance.

If you want to talk with Victoria schedule your complimentary session here.